Mountainside Ministries

Who is Reverend Marni

I am a non-denominational officiant on Ontario registry of certified ministers. I am affiliated with the Bancroft Centre for Spiritual Awareness (BCSA) but choose not to align myself with any one particular religion. I am originally from The Blue Mountains...Clarksburg specifically! My love affair with wedding ceremonies began when I was a teenager when I was asked to perform as a soloist at local church weddings. I left Blue Mountain at 19 to go to the University of Western Ontario, where I completed an Honours History degree. I have spent many of the last 25 years living in Toronto working in media, most recently in sports television. I have taught yoga for about 15 years and love to connect and guide people on a more spiritual level. I am a Mom and Stepmom of 4 boys, so it is imperative that I have a good sense of humour!!

I was raised in the Roman Catholic church but am no longer a practising Catholic. I think this is an important past to share with my couples. While you may not be looking for a ceremony with religious overtones, you may have someone you love and who will be sharing in your special day who does. Based on my own background and the studying of world religions that I have embarked on in recent years, I can create an inclusive ceremony. Depending on the wishes and needs of your own wedding party, I am completely comfortable threading in elements from almost any religion upon request. Or, if you prefer, we can make it an entirely secular ceremony. It is up to you.

I am also compelled to add...I am a pretty no-nonsense kind of person. I know that sometimes non-denominational ministers have been stereotyped as "flaky". I am not flaky. There. I said it.

Let's continue.

My Experience as an Officiant

I was ordained by the BCSA in September of 2016 and am on the Ontario registry of certified ministers. I have done a variety of weddings since then! I am experienced at leading a ceremony in front of large and small crowds. Some of the venues where I have conducted ceremonies are outside at golf courses (very windy!) or inside a brewpub (intimate and relaxed). Some couples want a very long, romantic and personalized ceremony. Others want to move through the ceremony as quickly as possible and get to the champagne! We can decide together what is going to work for you. Most of my work is in and around Blue Mountain, but I have also done ceremonies in Toronto.

What newlyweds say about Reverend Marni

"First of all, you are VERY good at what you do… as we read the first draft, it made me cry (in a good way!) which is hard to do, so thank you! It's beautiful." NG